Parkers Tavern Menu

Life should be fun and that is what we believe at Parker’s Tavern.

A fun, luxurious drive-through pop-up serving food to comfort the mind and soul, helping Cambridge throughout the cold November days. Our signature Afternoon Tea continues to be the star of the show, but watch out for the cheeky macaroni and cheese with Lobster Thermidor, slow-cooked cuts of beef or the ever tempting black truffle.

After such a warming meal only a tub of Parker’s Tavern Ripture Rapture will do.

The Chef

Tristan Welch, a Chef with exceptional culinary pedigree, combines his love of Cambridgeshire with the his experience in the world’s best kitchens. The result is a love letter to the incredible produce found in East Anglia, and a menu that is as ever-changing as Mother Nature.