Parker’s Tavern Rubbish Cooks Supper Club

Rubbish Cooks is a monthly supper club held on the last Monday of every month, at Parker’s Tavern restaurant in Cambridge. The event highlights the importance of reducing food waste, by creating a menu using only ingredients that were destined for the bin due to sell-by dates, dented packaging or being unpopular offcuts or wonky products.

Jimmy’s Night Shelter

Our event itself is completely free, but Parker’s Tavern ask for a £30 cover charge, to pay for the chefs & waiters time. This charge includes a £5 donation to Jimmy’s Night Shelter, a local charity providing help to peple experiencing homelessness in Cambridge.

Reducing Food Waste

Tristan Welch, the Chef Director of Parker’s Tavern is passionate about reducing food waste in homes and in restaurants and this passion inspired him to create the Rubbish Cooks supper club. While promoting the sheer volume of food waste we produce (approximately 6.7 million tonnes of food annually in the U.K alone), the event showcases how you can create a delicious meal, with only a few ingredients – and a little bit of Rubbish! Further details and information on how to book your space can be found here.

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