Homely British classics, with some characterful reinterpretations, by a talented chef with serious culinary heritage.

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The Chef

Tristan Welch trained in Europe’s best kitchens alongside Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay and Michel Roux Jnr.

With the opening of Parker’s Tavern, he has returned home to Cambridge to cook the classics of his roots. Beneath the elegant surface bubbles an English eccentric. Beneath the technical finesse, a rebellious wit.

Mother Nature sets the tone. It’s why I hope you will keep coming back. For mutton puddings and game pies in winter, for the scent of wild garlic as spring begins.”

Tristan Welch

The Produce

With the food at Parker’s Tavern, you can taste England on every plate.

Our chef sources not simply by season, but by what’s fresh each day.  He doesn’t just rely on local markets, but on produce from farmers he knows by name. Cambridgeshire field and fen supply the ingredients, conjured into whimsical dishes delivered with serious technique.


Taste every fruit of every tree in the garden at least once. It is an insult to creation not to experience it fully.”

Stephen Fry

The Dishes

Easygoing British classics with an eccentric twist. It’s why you’ll come back for another pass from the bon-bon trolley, or dollop of burnt Cream.

For plates piled high with Norfolk fruits de mer, or in winter, suckling pig with wild mushrooms, and rose veal with minted broad beans. Every dish combines European culinary heritage, with Tristan Welch’s British wit.


Alas! no restaurant in London
Can make us feel that thrill again...
...Is it the sauce which puts the brand of Cam on
Each maddening dish? The egg? The yellow glaze?”

A A Milne’s ode to his favourite pudding, Cambridge burnt cream enjoyed during his student days at Trinity College


The Parker’s Tavern Easter Egg has been hand tempered and beautifully crafted, with a gold splatter on the outside and passionfruit pâte de fruit in the centre. 

I’m delighted to introduce the first Parker’s Tavern Easter Egg: a handmade chocolate egg that blends single estate dark chocolate with passion fruit. The inspiration for this recipe came to me in the Caribbean during a visit to a cocoa plantation where passionfruit vines were growing among the cocoa trees. There’s a saying: what grows together, goes together, and this is certainly true of passionfruit and chocolate.

What grows together, goes together"

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