Private Events

Breakfast meetings, private lunches, graduation celebrations —  Parker’s Tavern crafts each occasion with expert ease.

A private event at Parker’s Tavern combines the gravitas of an historic Cambridge institution re-designed by the Queen’s architect, John Simpson, with a modern lightness of touch by Swedish-born interior designer, Martin Brudnizki, and a bespoke feasting menu created by chef Tristan Welch.

I change my menu according to the depth of red in a single strawberry, or the crunch of freshness in April’s asparagus. This space is no less a pleasure to play with. Whatever the event, we adjust the space to fit.”

Tristan Welch


Parker’s Tavern is a quintessentially English brasserie occupying a former coaching inn.

Borne of feasting, yet of our time, it is a meeting place, a confluence of old and new, where university hall meets velvet-upholstered club. From early in the morning until late at night, Parker’s Tavern hums with conversation, with waiters carrying plates piled high with delicious food. Every dish is a gutsy re-imagining of a British classic, sourced from field, fen and England’s seas

This is a restaurant that feels convincingly like it really belongs to Cambridge, and always did.”

John Simpson


The Restaurant’s spirit spills out into the Library, and onto the grass of Parker’s Piece in the heart of Cambridge.

The atmosphere is vigorous and thoughtful, where history seeps into the present. Here you can eat and drink surrounded by bookshelves housing leather-bound editions. Paradise Lost, Tristram Shandy, Don Juan, On The Origin of Species… titles fed on the rich ideas that have made this city great.

That’s incredibly important to me — to create buildings that are cohesive and relevant, that fit in with the continuum of the buildings already here.”

John Simpson


As an old coaching inn, Parker’s Tavern has been a meeting place for over a hundred years.

Then and now, it was a bustling tavern for conversations between travellers enjoyed over good, stiff drinks. A timeless appeal, with a modern twist. It is a bar where European classicism and English genius meet. In the hand-finished brass studs on the leather stools. In the marbleised papers you find in the fly-leafs of old books, used as wallpapers, and the flashes of hot orange and classic crimson.

It seems Edwardian, with a spirit of Britishness running through, but if you look more closely, you’ll see it’s more eclectic than that. Some educated tomfoolery in the mix.”

Martin Brudnizki


Eccentric British classics by a chef
with outstanding culinary heritage.



Unpretentious sophistication, and excellent value
from a vintage Cambridge cellar.  


We’ve temporarily closed our doors to do our bit for the community, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone away!

We are busy maintaining Cambridge’s leading restaurant, behind closed doors, so that it is even better when we reopen them. Our reservations team remain open for business, and will do so throughout this period, and are there right now to assist you and to take your future bookings.

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