at Parkers Tavern

Why work at the University Arms and Parker’s Tavern?

We are passionate about Cambridge’s heritage, and want to share that with our guests in a context that is contemporary, thoughtful and engaging. We deliver an experience of considered modern luxury, and take pride in our work. If you are enthusiastic about your city and your work in the hospitality sector you will find working at the University Arms truly rewarding.


What are we looking for?

Our standards are high, and we expect our employees to be driven, hard-working and determined to get things right day in, day out. We are looking for individuals who are committed to pin sharp service, and share our vision of Cambridge as a great city with a rich heritage and a bright future.



We have a variety of vacancies, all found on the link below, please do email us on [email protected] to find out more.

For hotel roles: 

If you’re more of a food and beverage person it’s:

Brasserie Restaurant Cambridge | Parker's Tavern Cambridge Parker's Tavern is a British brasserie restaurant led by Chef Tristan Welch.