Private Events Venue, Cambridge

Parker's Tavern crafts bespoke private dinners, celebrations or business lunches

Crafting each occasion with expert ease, combining the gravitas of a historic Cambridge institution with a modern lightness of touch and bespoke feasting menus.

Private dining

The Parker’s Tavern Ballroom was built to host lively dinners, with menus that are written to celebrate local produce and inspire conversation from even the most introverted dinner guest. Our wine list is as eclectic as the college crests that adorn the stained glass windows and when the sun sets, the chandeliers dim, while the evening continues over candlelight.

The atmosphere is vigorous and thoughtful, where history seeps into the present.

Weddings and Celebrations

Whether celebrating your wedding,  your 50th anniversary or a special birthday, our dining rooms offer the perfect space to unwind, converse and toast one another, safe in the knowledge that our team are curating your experience with expert ease.

Business events

Our Crick and Watson rooms offer flexible event space to deliver successful business events. For meetings from 10 – 200, catered by the award-winning kitchens of Parker’s Tavern, your event is sure to impress colleagues and clients alike, while the surroundings and views inspire exceptional results.

It seems Edwardian, with a spirit of Britishness running through, but if you look more closely, you’ll see it’s more eclectic than that. Some educated tomfoolery in the mix.

Brasserie Restaurant Cambridge | Parker's Tavern Cambridge Parker's Tavern is a British brasserie restaurant led by Chef Tristan Welch.