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10-13th May

World Cocktail Day

The first-ever reference to cocktails appeared in a spoof editorial in the Farmer’s Cabinet. It talked of a “lounger” who, while nursing an 11 a.m. hangover, “Drank a glass of cocktail – excellent for the head…” But it wasn’t until 1806 when The Balance and Columbian Repository of Hudson, New York pinned the definition down to what we know of cocktails today: “A stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water, and bitters.”

We intend to stimulate your senses with one of the most classic cocktails in the world…the Old Fashioned! Indulge in the opportunity of tasting this classic cocktail made with the traditional Bourbon…or something completely new…which will be making its way around the restaurant on a trolley, 10-13th May.

16-19th May

World Whisky Day

Uisce Beatha, the original name for whiskey in classical Gaelic, evolved into ‘Uisce Beatha’ in Ireland and ‘Uisge Beatha’ in Scotland. Both names translate to ‘Water of Life,’ emphasizing the significance of this distillation to the Gaels.

We celebrate this Water of Life in the best possible way, offering unique and exquisite representations from each whisky region in the world, brought to your table. All you need to do is comfortably settle into one of our sofas… and enjoy. Available 16-19th May.

16th June

Father's Day

Celebrate the Father’s, Grandfather’s and Father figures in your life and say ‘thank you’ for all that they have done and continue to do. Treat them to a traditional Sunday lunch or dinner in Parker’s Tavern and enjoy a complimentary beer or lager when dining with them.

Brasserie Restaurant Cambridge | Parker's Tavern Cambridge Parker's Tavern is a British brasserie restaurant led by Chef Tristan Welch.