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Our quintessential English Brasserie Restaurant now delighting customers with gourmet Pizza on the Piece

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Luxury Pizza on the Piece

Enjoy superb, gourmet sourdough Pizza with locally-sourced ingredients, made as only Chef Tristan Welch can.

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Select your favourite sourdough gourmet pizza, garlic dough balls and dessert from our fantastic menu.

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Choose your time

Select your preferred day and time for pick up before paying. We will send you a text when it is ready to pick up.

Step 3.

Safely collect your pizza

Collect your pizza from the table at the Parker's entrance. Please keep an eye on social distancing at all times.

Step 4.

Enjoy on Parker’s Piece

Bring your blanket and enjoy your delicious pizza on the fabulous green space of Parker's Piece.

Consume responsibly, recycle.

Our Gourmet Sourdough Pizzas

"Not a lot of people know this – but I ADORE pizza. Many years ago, a younger but just as dashing Chef Tristan, went on a mission. I was in love with pizza, and felt I had to capture the perfect flavour combination. I travelled the world in search of what I would consider the perfect pizza, only to have my heart completely broken.

So I set about learning traditional methods and taking influences from modern flavours, I created a sourdough pizza with a crispy base and combined this with a variety of my favourite ingredients. After many years of working on the recipe and dining out at 4 or 5 restaurants a night, I finally cracked the code and kept it under lock and key, only for personal use, until now….."

Chef Tristan Welch

Tristan Welch - Parkers Tavern Restaurant, Cambridge

Our food

Pizza with a taste of England on each slice

Parker’s Taven is a quintessential British Brasserie Restaurant headed by our spectacular chef, Tristan Welch. Beneath the elegant surface bubbles an English eccentric. Beneath the technical finesse, a rebellious wit.

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