Goat’s Cheese Tortellini

Our spectacular goat's cheese tortellini, wilted spinach, and sage butter, made the Chef Tristan way.


1 packet of wonton pastry
150g of rag stone goats cheese
½ bunch of sage
200g washed baby spinach
100g butter
Egg wash


Pan of boiling water
A spider sieve or slotted spoon
Chopping board and knives
Pastry brush
Round cutter
Frying pan


Your inner Italian spirit


  1. Take the goats cheese and remove the outer skin, and roll into little balls the size of 2cm.
  2. Take the sheets of wonton pastry and lay some of the on a chopping board (do no more than 5 at one time as they will dry out).
  3. Place the balls of goats cheese in the centre of each sheet brush a little beaten egg around half of the pastry, then fold over and cut with a round cutter, then finish as a tortellini.
  4. Melt the butter in a small pan with some chopped sage, in a separate pan wilt the baby spinach.Cook the tortellini’s for 1 ½ min and serve them on top of the spinach and pour over the butter and serve.


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